Big Thunder Family Bar & Grill

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About Big Thunder Family Bar & Grill

Big Thunder Family Bar & Grill

A vast list of inexpensive, authentic and delicious South Dakota made food items.
Relax on the outdoor deck enjoying an ice cream cone with a birds eye view of Mt. Rushmore.
Full Service restaurant indoors.
Deck seating has faster service with small menu items for children and adults.

Wide range of menu items including wild game and historic recipes from the past including Miner's Pasties & Stew, Elk Medallions, Wild Game Brats, Indian Tacos, Soups, Salads, Sub and other Sandwiches and...Olde Fashioned Ice Cream and Slushes, Buffalo and Mountain Man Burgers, Domestic & Import Beers!

We Specialize in Wild Game
** Several Gluten Free Recipes

Ask for FREE Wine Tastings of the Black Hills finest wines!