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Town of Keystone

The Town of Keystone would like to welcome you to the beautiful Black Hills! 
Keystone, located at the base of Mt. Rushmore, and the hometown of the men who carved the four faces, provides easy access to Custer State Park through one of the most scenic rides in the Hills - Iron Mountain Road and the Pigtail bridges.

Over 900 places to rest your head, all with unique character, amenities and genuine western hospitality.  From camping to glamping, rustic or plush cabins and lodges, nostalgic inns or exquisite suites with views of the Monument - you will find it here.  If you are looking for a quaint mountain town that harkens back to a bygone era,
Keystone is the place to stay and one that you’ll surely remember.

 We have a wide array of confectionaries, restaurants, and watering holes throughout town.  Take a walk on the wild side with a taste of bison, elk, duck wings or prairie rattler.  Pasties( a favorite of the miners) to pizza, South of the border to South Dakota style BBQ, or how about some of the best prime rib you ever ate – Keystone is where you will find it! Oh! And don’t leave without a bag of our original mountain made taffy, fudge or fine chocolates! Grab some of the roasted nuts from the cart on the corner while you are at it.

 You will certainly find treasures that will tickle your fancy from one of our local artisans and over 30 specialty shops. Rocks, gemstones, a 45 year long collection in the making of antiques, fine Black Hills Gold jewelry, curios, Native American beadwork and pottery fill the storefronts that line our historic streets. And you will definitely find the Tshirt of your dreams here.   Watch the delicacies of molten glass or the flying woodchips of chainsaws as both are formed into magnificent works of art!

 We are proud to be center stage for more than 27 attractions, state and national forests, parks, wildlife preserves and memorials. The natural beauty here is nothing short of breathtaking! Pan for gold or gemstones (odds are good you will find some), we will be happy to point you in the direction of someone who will take you out to a claim. Tour one of our original gold mines or go deep in one of our ancient caves, take that memorable “Old West” picture on the boardwalk (if you’re lucky you can get one with “Big Dave” – that cowboy is over 7’ tall)!  Zip over the treetops with a breathtaking view of Mount Rushmore.  You can choose between a harness, a helicopter or both. Race down from the tops of the mountainsides on coasters and slides, hop aboard the authentic 1880 steam locomotive, or play at one of the most challenging mini golf courses in existence. Adventure parks? High tech to high in the trees. You won’t find better anywhere!

 Take your trip off road, whether your preference is a UTV or a good saddle horse, we have what you need. If your tastes are more middle of the road, rent a scooter and just toodle around town or the through the hills.

 History was made here!  The walking tour will kick things off with a trip back to the goldrush days and if you ever wondered where Little Carrie Ingalls, of Laura Ingalls Wilder fame, resided when she was all grown up– you will take a stroll past her house, too.  While you are out and about, you just might run into the last living carver of Mount Rushmore, our own “rockstar” Nick Clifford. 

 Up the hill in “old Keystone” is the schoolhouse, constructed in 1900 – it is now home to the historical museum, another “don’t miss”.  Our wax museum houses the life-size replica of every United States president beginning with the works of famous Hollywood wax sculptor, Madame Katherine Stubergh, and includes such curiosities as the infamous 2000 Florida voting booths not to mention a few death masks. The Borglum Historic Center houses the pre-Rushmore art of Gutzon Borglum along with a life-size replica of Lincoln’s eye.

Keystone is home to 327 residents and originated in the gold mining era when it’s population exceeded that of Rapid City.  The town dates back to well before 1900. Called home by the many dedicated workers who carved Mount Rushmore from 1929 to 1942, Keystone is the mining town that failed to become a ghost town. Here you can experience the natural beauty and the clear, pine scented air of this canyon town while walking on the same streets the miners and carvers tread.

We are so glad that you came for a visit!  I hope you enjoy your stay.                                                       

Community Services

  • Fire Department (Emergency) 911
  • Police (Emergency) 911
  • Ambulance (Emergency) 911
  • Ambulance Service Pennington County (605) 666-5033 Non-Emergency
  • Fire Department (605) 666-4428
  • Highway Patrol South Dakota (605) 394-2286
  • Local Information 411
  • Pennington County Sheriff (605) 666-4520
  • Poison Control (605) 341-3333
  • Police Department (605) 666-4520
  • Road Conditions South Dakota 511
  • South Dakota State Radio (605) 394-2221
  • Keystone Chamber of Commerce
    1101  Madill Street
  • Visitor Information Cente
  • 110 Swanzey Street
  • 605-666-4896
  • Keystone Community Center (605) 666-4499
  • Keystone Historical Society (605) 666-4494
  • Keystone Post Office (605) 666-4830
  • Keystone Public Library
    1101 Madill Street
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  • Keystone Senior Citizens (605) 666-4808
  • Town of Keystone City Offices (605) 666-4827