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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church

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Holy Terror Days Association

Philanthropic Organization that Dates Back to 1899.

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Hill City Taxi

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Krull's Market

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Mt. Rushmore Telephone

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Iron Mountain Road Store & Visitor Center

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Keystone United Church of Christ

"A century-old tradition of warmly welcoming visitors to the Black Hills."

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One aspect Keystone, South Dakota prides itself on is extending hospitality to not only every person who lives in our tight-knit community, but also to every visitor that finds their way to Keystone.

While Keystone has many opportunities for vacationers to cut loose, find adventure, and learn more about America’s history, the community of Keystone also offers various services to those who live in or are visiting our area.  Our town is filled with stores to help make your trip the best it can be! 

No more running to large chain stores for help; instead stop by some of our locally-owned stores, where you can find travel necessities, snacks, and more.  Needing help deciding what to do? The Black Hills Badlands Tourism Association can provide valuable information for all your vacation planning needs.  And, while we never want to jinx a trip, we all know that trouble can happen when we least expect and want it. Rest assured that help is right around the corner, with Keystone offering several towing and repair shops. With the help of these businesses, you will be back on the road in no time and enjoying the winding roads and waves of prairies that the Black Hills has to offer. 

Find more services in the Keystone, South Dakota community by reading below or contacting the Keystone Visitors Information Center today.